Gwinnett County Man Killed in Oconee County Car Accident

This entry by Lawrenceville, GA personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Richard Armond focuses on a recent news story involving a tragic car accident. According to the AJC, a Gwinnett County man was killed and his wife was seriously injured in a car accident on Ga-316 in Oconee County yesterday. The report indicates another vehicle turned in front of the Gwinnett County couple and that charges are expected to be filed against the other driver.  The Georgia State Patrol is investigating the crash. 

Incidents such as this one result in lost lives and catastrophic injuries which severely change lives. It is important to have an experienced car accident attorney handling any homicide by vehicle or serious injury by vehicle case. 

Anyone has driven Ga-316 has seen firsthand the dangers of this highway. Most of 316 has a speed limit of 65 mph and cars and trucks drive like it is an interstate highway. However, smaller roads intersect 316 across Gwinnett, Barrow, and Oconee Counties, and many of these intersections do not even have traffic lights. 

Please keep your thought and prayers with the woman who was seriously injured and lost her husband. If you drive Ga-316 please be careful.

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