Parking Lot Injury Risk During Holiday Shopping Season

This blog post by Georgia personal injury and wrongful death attorney Richard Armond of The Armond Firm, LLC, discusses the dangers posed to pedestrians in parking lots by cars and trucks during the Christmas shopping season. The Armond Firm, LLC, is located in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia. Call 678-661-9585 for a free case consultation. Please stay safe to avoid personal injuries from car and truck accidents in parking lots this holiday season!

The holiday shopping season makes parking lots a greater risk of personal injury:

Christmas is right around the corner. People are hurrying about finishing their shopping. Roads are and parking lots are packed. Drivers are tired and frustrated. Factors such as these make a lot of people concerned about car accidents when driving around places like malls and shopping centers.

To stay safe this holiday season please keep in mind that once you park just getting to and from your vehicle is more dangerous at this time of year. The National Safety Council points out in its article “‘Tis the Season for Parking Lot Injuries” that the number of insurance claims for parking lot accidents increases on Black Friday and continues throughout the holiday shopping season.

The article also points out the many distractions drivers admitted to doing while driving in parking lots in a nationwide poll. These include grooming, texting, programming GPS systems, making calls, and taking photos.

The article further reminds us all of the dangers of vehicles backing or reversing in parking lots. Somewhat surprisingly, only 9% of pedestrian deaths in parking lots result from backup incidents.

When you are out holiday shopping please stay safe when driving on roads and parking lots, as well as when walking in parking lots to and from your car. When you have children please be extra vigilant about the potential dangers some motorists pose in parking lots. Stay safe this holiday season!

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