Preventing Car Accident Injury to Children: Winter Coat Use with Car Seats

With the return of cold, windy weather to Lawrenceville, Georgia, today this blog post by Gwinnett County personal injury and wrongful death attorney Richard Armond of The Armond Firm, LLC, details a safety issue involving potential dangers to children who are buckled into car seats while wearing winter coats. Please read below to protect your children from injury in the event of a car accident.

Wearing a winter coat in a car seat may pose an injury risk to a child in the event of a car accident

If you have a child who is in the age range for car seat use, you may routinely buckle your little one into her car seat when it is cold outside AFTER making sure she is bundled up in her winter coat. For many parents this is the norm as you want to keep your child warm. However, this can actually be a danger to a child in the event of a car accident.

Consumer Reports details the dangers of car seat use for children wearing winter coats and safety measures to prevent injury. As a general rule, winter coats should not be worn under a car seat harness. You can always have your child use a blanket or wear his coat in reverse after he is buckled into his car seat such that the coat is outside of the harness.

To see the danger to children posed by the wearing of a winter coat while harnessed in a car seat, you can view this video clip from a story which aired on NBC's Today Show.

Basically, there can be a big risk that the car seat harness is too loose because of the puffiness or bulk of a winter coat. In a car accident a child may not remain restrained and it can result in serious injury. 

When buckling your child into her car seat when the weather is cold, please remember that it may be safer to remove her coat before buckling her in. This little step with a few moments of inconvenience to you as a parent may pay off immeasurably if it protects your most precious cargo in the event of a car wreck. 

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