Families of Distracted Driving Victims Testifying to Georgia General Assembly Committee

This blog post by Gwinnett County based personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyer Richard Armond of the The Armond Firm, LLC, focuses on the hands-free driving bill before a committee at the Georgia General Assembly. The bill, if passed into law, would finally make Georgia a hands-free driving state. Hopefully, this bill will become law and will save lives. Too many Georgia drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are injured and killed in distracted driving wrecks each year. 

According to WSB-TV, state representative John Carson of Marietta is advocating for this bill. In the WSB-TV story they have a video of the testimony of a victim's mother who died because of a distracted driver. It is emotional to say the least. The mother also points out that deaths from distracted drivers should not happen. Thirty years ago no one would have thought to text and drive or do any of the other dangerous acts that people do on smartphones when they should be focusing on driving safely. 

Please let your local state representative know that you want this bill passed and want effective laws to prevent distracted driving deaths. 

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