Saving Georgia Lives: NIH recommends lowering legal BAC limit

New BAC recommendation may save lives and prevent serious injuries and wrongful deaths in Georgia

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is recommending lowering the legal blood alcohol concentration from .08 to .05. Should this recommendation be followed in Georgia I would hope that it would result in saving innocent lives from drunk drivers on Georgia roads. We need less wrongful death and serious injury lawsuits in Georgia and such a measure may help.

A link to the Newsweek version of the story can be accessed here. The story notes that according to the NIH, when the legal drinking age was increased from 18 to 21 in 1980 there was a significant decrease in alcohol-related accidents and fatalities. However, the reductions have plateaued in recent years and the belief is that the reduction of the legal BAC limit will further prevent DUI accidents and deaths. They also recommend other measures such as increasing alcohol taxes, decreasing the hours alcohol can be sold, and preventing the sale of alcohol to people who are already visible intoxicated (a potential Georgia dram shop claim). 

What really stands out in the Newsweek story is the staggering figures at the end:  according to the CDC, "alcohol-impaired driving kills someone every 51 minutes and alcohol-related car crashes cost more than $44 billion a year." Less than every hour someone in the United States dies in an alcohol-impaired driving crash. 

Let's hope something can be done to prevent more deaths and serious injuries at the hands of drunk drivers in Georgia. It will be up to the Georgia General Assembly to pass such a measure into law if it ever happens.

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