Whiplash injuries in rear-end auto accidents.

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Whiplash injuries can occur in rear-end traffic collisions and can result in significant neck and back pain for a victim. Many insurance adjusters refer to these as “soft tissue” injuries and do not take the injuries seriously. However, even low speed wrecks can result in significant pain and suffering from the injuries sustained.

One thing that is often overlooked is head position in relation to the headrest in a vehicle. A properly positioned headrest that is adjusted to your height can help prevent more serious whiplash cases. It is important for all people to properly adjust their headrests to the correct height to get proper protection. Headrests are not just for comfort--they play a significant role in car safety.

Lots of factors go into how injured someone is in a rear-end wreck. Sitting upright with one’s head aligned with his or her spine with the rear of one’s head close in proximity to a headrest adjusted to the proper height will usually result in less injury. People are human, however, and victims in rear-end collisions are often stopped at intersections and can be looking out the side window, or reaching for an object in the car, or doing any number of actions that position their heads such that if rear-ended the injuries can be significant even in seemingly minor accidents.

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