Crime victims can often pursue civil claims in Georgia

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When you have been injured physically, emotionally, or mentally as a result of another person committing a crime against you, in many instances under Georgia law you can recover damages from the criminal, and, depending on the facts, other potential responsible parties. Georgia law has statutes such as O.C.G.A. § 51-1-6 which creates a cause of action when the law requires a person to refrain from doing an act which may injure another and the other person suffers damage. This statute is just one limited example in Georgia law where criminal acts can be the basis for a civil lawsuit.

Why is that important? Many crime victims suffer damages whether physical, emotional, and mental as a result of being victimized by violent criminals. As a former prosecutor with major felony trial experience, attorney Richard Armond routinely sought and received judgments ordering restitution to be paid to crime victims. It is important to realize, however, that a personal injury attorney may be able to collect damages far beyond what is ordered in the criminal justice system. In criminal cases it is typical for the State to seek only quantifiable monetary loss, most often seen in property damage cases and in injury cases up to out of pocket loss for medical bills. Pain and suffering, mental distress, and the long-term effects of injuries caused by violent criminals can often far exceed the amount of restitution that is ordered in a criminal case.

A personal injury attorney such as Richard Armond can review the case of a Georgia crime victim to determine if there are far greater damages to collect. If, for example, a crime occurred on unsafe premises of a company, or if the criminal committed his act while in the employment of a corporation, far greater damages may be able to be recovered than through criminal restitution.

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