The importance of naming all responsible parties to a lawsuit.

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When investigating a wrongful death or serious injury case it is important to research all potential parties. It is not uncommon in personal injury and wrongful death cases for more than one person or corporation to be at fault. For example if a company’s box truck driver pulled out of a shopping center parking lot onto a road and struck a passenger car which had the right of way and injured that driver, an attorney can help to determine all the potential parties responsible. Recovery may not be limited to just the box truck company. A thorough investigation can sometimes reveal things like landscaping that obstructed the view of the box truck driver. In that situation, the company that owns the shopping center could also be liable. Other parties such as a landscaping company that maintains the area could also be responsible.

Why is that important? Georgia law, under O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33, provides that damages are apportioned according to the percentage of fault of parties and nonparties. If the box truck driver is 80% liable and the shopping center company is 20% liable, the injured person must name as parties to a lawsuit all that are responsible or else he or she will not have a full recovery. If a jury were to award $100,000 for serious injuries to the injured passenger car driver, but only the box truck company was named as a party to the lawsuit, then with a finding by the jury of 80% responsibility the judgment would only be for $80,000. It is important to contact an attorney promptly after a serious injury incident or when a loved one is lost because of the actions of another. Cases typically are the strongest when they are investigated right away.

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