What is a Mattie's Call?

What is a Mattie's Call? A Mattie's Call is an emergency missing alert used in Georgia specifically for disabled and elder persons. It is basically one of the emergency alerts with the tone that sounds on your cell phone, television, or the radio to let the public know of a missing disabled or elder person.

How does this beneficial tool used by local law enforcement agencies in Georgia relate to personal injury and wrongful death law? Many times disabled and elder persons reside in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Some of the major purposes behind paying for assisted living facilities or nursing homes for loved ones in Georgia are ensuring safety and security. When a loved one is disabled, has Alzheimer's or dementia, or some other condition in which you cannot sufficiently care for your loved one, these facilities fill that need.

However, while we expect safety, security, and care for our loved ones, all too often we hear of elder persons or disabled persons who wander off from these facilities. This is sometimes referred to as "elopement." Sometimes these cases of elopement have tragic results when a person who cannot care for herself wanders from a nursing home and does not receive the care she needs. Mattie's Calls are used in Georgia to help find the missing disabled or elder person with the hope that serious injury or death can be avoided. 

Under the law, if the disabled or elder person's elopement is due to the negligence of the nursing home facility, the person or their loved ones may have a claim. These facilities typically have a duty to ensure that cases of elopement or wandering do not happen.

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Click here to read the Georgia Bureau of Investigation summary of a Mattie's Call. 

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