Even very low speed rear-end wrecks result in injuries the majority of the time.

This post provides information for Georgia drivers who have been injured in rear-end collisions, even wrecks occurring at low speeds, on the prevalence of injuries to the occupants of the car that was rear-ended. 

According to a study by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University analyzing the effects of low speed rear end collisions on occupants of vehicles struck from the rear, "a majority of struck occupants, 113 out of 151, had complaints attributed to the crash that were diagnosed by a M.D., D.O. or chiropractor within a five week treatment period post-crash." This study (click link here) looked at wrecks where the at-fault vehicle was traveling 15 km/h or less, which in miles per hour translates to 9.32 mph or less. In other words, injuries such as whiplash are very real and commonplace. And, contrary to what insurance companies will have you believe, such injuries occur more times than not in vehicle occupants struck even at very low speeds. 

If you have been struck by another vehicle and experience pain and soreness, seek medical treatment. The science shows these injuries are real. Hopefully, they will amount to minor soreness where everything heals on its own. But, injuries in car wrecks can linger and can result in persistent pain. No one wants to go through the process of continued medical treatment and rehabilitations, but accident injuries are real. If you have been put on a treatment or rehabilitation plan, follow the advice of your medical care providers. Your health is priority one after a wreck. 

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