Defective exploding sunroofs in cars a potential danger to motorists.

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Today Consumer Reports released a report (click here to read the report) on exploding sunroofs in cars. According to the report, in recent years there is evidence to suggest an increase in these incidents. People report just driving down the road and then experiencing an explosion of glass with a loud bomb-like noise. This appears to potentially be due to a lack of structural integrity of glass in sunroofs and not because of anything striking the glass. It also appears that as auto manufacturers increase the size of sunroofs the issue has become more of a problem.

A potential defective product such as an exploding sunroof can cause danger and injury to the driver of such a vehicle and all passenger inside. Not only can the glass injury the occupants, but it can cause the driver to have an accident. That is also a danger to other drivers on the roadways.

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